xoxo, Katie

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  1. After installation your head will be tender.

  2. During the installation, it’s painless!

  3. Your extensions won’t feel heavy due to the even distribution of the strands.

  4. Your real hair suggested to be shoulder length or longer for the most natural look.

  5. The shorter the hair the more stands / bags will need to be installed.

  6. If your hair is too short there is a chance you’ll be turned away.

  7. Bleaching and color does not affect the bead.

  8. We don’t have to remove your hair extensions to get your hair colored.

  9. Natural ombré can be achieved through installation of the hair.

  10. Your extensions can be dyed darker, not lighter.

  11. If you want to rush to get your hair there is a $350 expedited fee at time of booking. You will be able to get your hair installed within 7-10 days and I will install your extensions after hours.

  12. The easiest way to wash your hair is with shampoo in the shower.

  13. Apply a leave in conditioner so the hair stays soft.

  14. Wash 2 times a week. I wash mine Monday so it’s nice for the week and Thursday so it’s nice for the weekend.

  15. Use dry shampoo to keep it fresh in between washes.

  16. Always air dry to keep hair nice.

  17. The less you wash and dry, the better for the hair.

  18. When you dry your hair, use a wet brush.

  19. The “dry bush” is made for extensions – the bore brush carries the oil from the natural hair down.

  20. Always use a heat protectant.

  21. Yes, you can swim and go in the ocean!

  22. Rinse hair after water activities, always.

  23. Please braid your hair if you’re going to bed with wet hair.

  24. Don’t sleep with wet hair in bun.

  25. Sleep with low and loose bun or braid with dry hair. Nothing high and tight!

  26. Perfect placement of the extensions creates the perfect pony!

  27. Sunnies can be warn with your hair. I place the hair above the ear but not in the way of your sunnies!

  28. Come to consult with hair colored to your liking.

  29. Custom coloring (purple) will require you to dye extensions and bring them back at time of installation.

  30. Preferred shampoo: no clarifying shampoo. Blondes can use purple shampoo. Do not leave on too long or your hair can turn purple.

  31. Extensions will hold curl longer than normal hair.

  32. Curly hair: yes you can have extensions!

  33. We only carry 24″ but it can be cut to your preferred length.

  34. Your mermaid hair dries naturally with beach wave.

  35. Filler bags available for freshening up during your maintenance.

  36. For filler bags: 1 bag is $400. This includes installation, maintenance, cut, & style.